Dubrovnik is an amazing place to visit. It is full of history and interesting people. Its stone paved streets are perfect for exploring. There is amazing food and wine to indulge in, unspoilt nature to immerse in, beaches, cafes, museums…  I could really go no for a while. So, why should you decide to spend your limited vacation time on wine tours with all these choices around? Here’s 5 of my favourite reasons to do so:

5 – You probably don’t know much (or anything) about Croatian wine, but you should

Croatian winemaking credentials are much more serious than people outside of this country understand. With a long and rich history of winemaking on its territory going back to Roman Empire and earlier, Croatia is also a home to over 120 indigenous varieties and has high diversity that would be much more suited to a way bigger winemaking power. Since we export very little of this wine, it is difficult to encounter Croatian wine in the big import markets. This is why majority of people visiting as travellers only get to try Croatian wine one they arrive here. It’s time you get practically informed!

4 – Wine tours are never just about wine

(Good quality) Wine tours are not just about going from point A to point B and tasting different wines. They are about meeting people passionate about wine and getting to understand different terroirs, different tastes and philosophies tied to it. Much like wine itself, they are all about socialising and sharing insights and a few laughs. It’s all about good fun and understanding local culture.

3 – Local wineries happen to be in some of the most beautiful areas of Dubrovnik region

Tied to the previous point, wine tours are perfect for exploring the area surrounding Dubrovnik. Main local wine regions are on Peljesac Peninsula, Korcula Island, Konavle region, and Komarna region near Neretva River Delta. While Peljesac is the most renowned one, I would do a great disservice to the reader of this text by separating any one of these as being more or less worth exploring. Each is amazing in its own way. There are going to be more texts on these regions coming up in this blog, but trust me when I say you are making a mistake if you spend your entire Dubrovnik holiday just within the city, regardless of how beautiful it is.

2 – Wineries are not tourist products, they are authentic

Yes, while some larger wineries have hospitality areas exclusively made with our incoming tourists in mind, for most parts they are a part of a household. Croatian wine making is done mainly on small scale and it’s usually within traditional countryside estates and country homes. Going wine tasting in Dubrovnik area is usually a good way to get to know a few things about what life was like in this part of the world in the “old days” as well.

1 – Escape the crowds

I wish this point was less important, but unfortunately, it is perhaps the most important one. Depending on when you are travelling to Dubrovnik you might be faced with the city’s historical centre being overcrowded at certain times. This shouldn’t sway you from coming to Dubrovnik for your holiday, but it is a good idea to make plans that will allow you to escape the most crowded areas on the busiest days. Winery and vineyard tours will take you to places most of which are not crowded even in peak summer months.


What do you think, did I convince you? Come on, this is a well written text, all logic is there, take a chance! You have plenty to choose from when it comes to wine tours in Dubrovnik. For example, we do Wine Lover’s Tour as our bestseller, Croatian Wine Tasting Experience if you don’t want to leave the city, and for those wishing to explore food and history more than wine, we do Food, Wine, and History of Peljesac Peninsula. We do plenty more custom made itineraries, so don’t be shy, drop us a line.