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Author: Bozidar Jukic

Dubrovnik local with a taste for wine, food, history, and travel. He is the person behind Insider Holidays and a dedicated amateur writer.

Remain Safe While on Your Dubrovnik Holiday – a Word from the Company Owner

One of the guiding ideas behind Insider Holidays was to provide tours and activities away from the crowds because…  well, I just don’t like crowds. This is turning out to be very important in 2020. Thankfully, Dubrovnik area has very low numbers of infections and is quite safe to travel to. However, that doesn’t mean […]

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How Guided Tours Can Help Make Tourism Sustainable

Is tourism synonymous with environmental and cultural degradation of popular travel destinations? You might think so by listening to many talk about organised travel. While environmental issues related to travel are all too real and demand serious examination and counter-measures, simply packaging everything into a slogan saying: “Tourism is bad” is as dumb as it […]

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Top 5 Reasons for doing a Wine Tasting Tour while in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an amazing place to visit. It is full of history and interesting people. Its stone paved streets are perfect for exploring. There is amazing food and wine to indulge in, unspoilt nature to immerse in, beaches, cafes, museums…  I could really go no for a while. So, why should you decide to spend […]

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Towns of Ston and Mali Ston need to be on your To Do List While in Dubrovnik

Pretty much all travellers to Dubrovnik will focus on the city’s historical centre known as the Old Town District. This is understandable seeing how it is within Dubrovnik City Walls that most notable events in its history played out. You should be vary of falling into the trap of spending your entire vacation within Dubrovnik. […]

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How is Dubrovnik like King’s Landing

Dubrovnik is a city that’s been here way before Game of Thrones. It is not wonder then that so many of its locals frown at the mention of the show. The new visitors to this long time famous travel destination often seem more interested in its TV appearance than in its incredibly rich history spanning […]

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PHOTO: Hernán Coria © Franciscana en Santa Teresita

Are Dolphin-Baby-Killing Tourists the Future of Dubrovnik as Well?

Tourists on the beach in Argentinian resort of Santa Teresita have been caught on camera taking a baby Franciscan dolphin out of the water in order to take selfies with the sensitive animal – leading to its death. Story was reported by Argentina’s Wildlife Foundation and Metro.co.uk and it speaks volumes about the lack of […]

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Two Things to Always Have With You when Visiting Dubrovnik in the Spring

If you find yourself in Dubrovnik during spring it will not take you long to discover the city has much to offer during this particular season. Dubrovnik surroundings are filled with natural areas that are magnificent when everything is in full bloom. Moderate temperatures will also go a long way towards making your stay here […]

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