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Area around Dubrovnik is not only interesting and safe to explore, but contains many spots that no serious traveller should leave without visiting

In my last blog post I've talked about the importance of planning out your daily activities within Dubrovnik's Historical Centre to avoid peak crowds. However, regardless of whether you want to avoid heat and lack of space or you are simply looking to explore further than the city centre, Dubrovnik surroundings offer plenty of great spots to enjoy local history and traditions, majesty of nature, or good food and wine.

Heading South

South of Dubrovnik you will find Zupa dubrovacka region which offers lovely seaside promenade going across three separate bays. Excellent spot for leisurely walks, lunch, or a relaxing swim. Coffee by the sea is always among the priorities of local people, so do as the locals do while here. Small shopping centre right off the main road will give you a chance to quench your shopping thirst, but also provides very reasonably priced underground parking.


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Further along you will eventually get to charming historic town of Cavtat. Because of its long and interesting history, it offers a good basis for a short historical walking tour. Cavtat is also popular as a place to get away from Dubrovnik for local people. There are a few wonderful dining options by the sea and nice swimming spots around as well.


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Cavtat marks the beginning of a much bigger region of Konavle. This countryside region spans the southern part of Dubrovnik County, all the way to the border of Montenegro. Konavle has historically been known as an important agricultural region. Today, many of its families make their living or at least additional income through tourism, but traditions are still well visible all around and the entire area has a feel of past times. The region is perfect for learning about the old ways and traditional crafts, as well as enjoying wonderful local cuisine (especially traditional meat under the iron bell – Peka) in restaurants dotted around it. Konavle is also a small, but important wine growing region and it is home to some of the finest local white wine – Malvasija.


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Along the way to any point due south, making a detour to the top of Mount Srd is a good idea. Aside from wonderful panoramic viewpoints, you can enjoy a small museum dedicated to Dubrovnik siege during Croatian War for Independence in early 1990's.

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„Dubrovnik is my home. I know it well, as you'd know a dear friend or a loved one. As any other place in the World, Dubrovnik is much more than a collection of places to stay in and places to eat at. It is a living, breathing community with many faces to it. Its history is fascinating, its legends are numerous and if you are willing to scratch beneath the surface, you will find it is a wonderful place to visit and fall in love with.“


Dubrovnik Surroundings, part 1

Area around Dubrovnik is not only interesting and safe to explore, but contains many spots that no serious traveller should leave without visiting

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