While most first-time travellers to Dubrovnik envision it as a summer destination, us locals know there is plenty more to experience in other seasons as well. Spring is an absolute favourite for many Dubrovnik residents as it truly is a time of awakening and blossoming. The temperatures are rising, nature is putting on happier colours, and most of the businesses are opening up after their winter dormancy. Here is a quick list of 5 Things To Experience this time of the year for all those enjoying their spring time vacation in Dubrovnik:

Swimming / Sunbathing

Yes, I know, this is a summer „To Do“ item, but I actually prefer spring for both of these. Water can be a bit cold for the first part of spring, but any sunny day (and there are plenty of those through April and May) will be good to catch some sun rays on mostly empty beaches. During May many will already start swimming in the sea, so make sure to get some tan and some aquatic fun before the actual summer season starts.

Endless Coffee on the Terrace

Coffee drinking is by far the most beloved daily ritual for Dubrovnik Locals and it’s endlessly more pleasant when done on outside terraces with sun shining down on you. With sunshine generally widely available, but still not too strong during most of spring, feel free to indulge in people watching and lounging around in your favourite local cafes.

Explore the Historical Centre

Majority of the most famous Dubrovnik attractions are within the historical centre which can get pretty crowded at times, especially during the summer. March and April, as well as the beginning of May are perfect for city exploration without needing to worry about crowded museums or scorching heat, just make sure to check the opening hours of the city’s attractions beforehand.

Get Active!

With nature in full bloom and weather mostly pleasant (albeit a bit unpredictable at times), those with an inclination for the great outdoors will undoubtedly find plenty to do in Dubrovnik during spring months. Hiking, kayaking, nature walks, picnics, and many more outdoor activities await you, so put on your walking shoes.

Food and Wine

Yes, I’m cheating a bit because food and wine is my go-to answer for pretty much anything. Not only that, but this is pretty much a sure thing throughout the year in Dubrovnik. However, I believe springtime may be the best for indulging in the local cuisine. Unlike winter when plenty of restaurants around Dubrovnik are closed, or summer when the temperatures are often so high it makes eating less appealing; spring is just the right time to explore the rich restaurant scene and not hold back while doing so.