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Star Wars Filming Story

Star Wars Filming Story

Visiting filming locations and learning about how crazy big budget Hollywood productions really get

Dubrovnik has grown into a popular filming destination in the past years and is seeing more and more interest from some of the biggest productions in the world. Arguably the biggest of them all paid a visit to this ancient city in the early 2016 – Star Wars!

Dubrovnik streets play the role of Canto Bight – a glamorous casino city filled with shady characters. The city doesn’t spend much time on the screen, but it leaves an important mark and is now forever inscribed into the Star Wars lore. Through this unique tour you will get a chance to walk the locations that were used for the filming to the sci-fi epic, see the pictures of the sets as they looked for the shoot and get the story of the filming, which is almost more interesting than what ends up on the screen in the final movie. You will also get to see some of the areas that didn’t make the final cut and only few have seen in their full Star Wars look.

This tour is designed by true Star Wars fans so feel free to let your inner nerd out and enjoy sharing stories and fan theories about your favourite characters as you walk the streets you got to see on the big screen.

*All our tours adhere to our strict in-house quality policy ensuring your experience is authentic and immersive. This is our home we are showing off and as such we take pride in striving to give you the best of what makes this corner of the planet special.

Day 1
Private tour

09:00 Meeting by Orlando’s Column (in front of Church of St. Blaise) 09:00 – 10:30 Walking tour of the Old City Centre 10:30 Tour ends

Trip Facts

  • around 90mins, flexible starting time
  • Active: walking tour, direct weather exposure for most of the tour, a few stairs to negotiate
  • Bring comfortable shoes and preferably a hat or cap if doing the tour on a hot day or rain coats if the weather is rainy. Water bottles are a good idea.