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Dubrovnik’s Bites of History


Tasting your way around Dubrovnik’s History

The tale of Dubrovnik is a long and an interesting one. City’s history is full or turmoil and intrigue and the lives of the local people have always been subject to various threats from the surrounding areas or from within. However, one thing that seems to never change in Dubrovnik is its people’s fondness for delicious local food and wine.

Accompanied by a local guide and a dedicated foodie, walk around Dubrovnik’s historical centre and marvel at the beauty of the stone cobbled streets outlined by so many wonderfully preserved historical buildings. You will get an overview of the city’s history, but the tour will not be just walking and talking. Along the way you will enjoy a visit to a few spots where you will get to taste a few bites of local food accompanied by lovely Croatian wine. Local cuisine is vastly influenced by cuisines of other Mediterranean region countries, but there is a story behind what is traditionally eaten in Dubrovnik and why.

We all love to hear a good story from the times long gone, but whenever possible, locals of Dubrovnik like to taste it as well. Find out why.

*All our tours adhere to our strict in-house quality policy ensuring your experience is authentic and immersive. This is our home we are showing off and as such we take pride in striving to give you the best of what makes this corner of the planet special.

Day 1
Private tour

14:00 meeting at Kawa Shop, across from Ploce Gate 14:00 – 17:00 guided walking tour of the Old City with food and wine stops 17:00 tour ends

Trip Facts

  • around 3hrs, flexible starting time
  • Lightly active: walking tour, weather exposure for parts of the tour, one or two staircases to negotiate
  • Feel free to arrive hungry, the tour provides equivalent of 3 course meal, PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU SUFFER FROM ANY ALLERGIES OR INTOLERANCES IN ADVANCE