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Insider’s Tour of Dubrovnik

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Let’s be honest, Dubrovnik is incredible! You have wonderfully preserved architecture, fantastic weather, great wine and food, and plenty of interesting local history to indulge in. There are countless ways in which to explore the city, but the best option would be to have a local friend to take you around and give you the whole story. This is where we come in.

This small group tour (maximum 8 persons) is accompanied by a Dubrovnik born local guide with a true passion for the city. The idea behind it is not just to give our guests the rundown of the rich history of the city and to show off its main attractions, but to introduce Dubrovnik as a living community with its unique spirit, stories and legends, ups and downs. As most of us locals are all about taking it slow, there is going to be a pleasant stop with refreshments along the way, giving you a chance to rest and really take in the sights and sounds.

Only a few guides are considered for this tour, each unique and interesting in their own way, making every tour somewhat different and special. This tour is designed for those who want something a bit more intimate and authentic then just a scripted city walkthrough. Come join us and stop being a stranger in Dubrovnik!

Why choose this Tour

  • Small, Intimate Group
  • Expert Local Guide
  • History and Present Explained
  • Refreshment Mid-Tour
  • Ask What You Want to Know
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Additional Info

  • Tour Name : Insider’s Tour of Dubrovnik
  • Tour Type : History
  • Tour Type : Local Culture
  • Max. Group Size : 8
  • Price : €34/Per Person

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