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People’s History through Food and Wine

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Peljesac Peninsula, close to Dubrovnik, is rightfully Croatia’s most renowned wine growing region. Here, centuries long tradition of living off the land is combined with the desire of local people to not only preserve their heritage, but also to enable generations to come to enjoy the best this area has to offer.

Take a day off from the hustle and bustle of the city or the beach and enjoy a trip among the scattered villages, steep hills, and sun soaked vineyards. You are going to get the best out of Peljesac Peninsula by learning about some of its most important food and wine traditions. You will visit two local wineries responsible for some of the most delicious wine in the region and enjoy a look into another traditional activity of Peljesac locals – oyster farming. During a relaxing boat trip to a small, privately owned oyster farm, you will be introduced to the techniques and philosophy behind this ancient trade and get to taste some of the most delicious European oysters, accompanied by local wine, of course.

Your trip will further take you up Peljesac Peninsula’s scenic roads to one of the small villages where you will be treated to a mouth-watering lunch of homemade delicacies in an intimate setting of a charming family owned winery. On the way back, you will travel a road few people do, among the steep hills covered in vineyards on one side, and a deep blue Adriatic Sea on another.

Before returning to Dubrovnik, your trip will take you to a historic town of Ston, famous for its traditional salt production and long medieval defensive walls. There you will enjoy some time to explore on your own and have a coffee break, or to do some more tasting at the local wine bar.

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  • Local guide
  • Private Tour
  • Local Food
  • Wonderful Sceneries
  • Boat Ride to Oyster Farm
  • Winery Visit and Tasting
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