DubRovnik wine tasting experience

Regularly scheduled small group tour


Discovering the world of wine tasting and Croatian wines

Let our wine expert guide you through the aromas and nuances of Croatian wine until you’ve found your favourite. Celebrate the “nectar of the earth” and get hooked on Croatian wine.

Wine in Croatia is one of the most defining traditional products. Vast majority of it is made on a small scale on family owned estates, following traditional techniques that haven’t changed much in centuries. Because of this small scale production, not much of Croatia wine is exported, which is why Croatian wines still remain largely unfamiliar outside our national borders.

This is your chance to delve into the rich scene of Croatian wine. Accompanied by local wine expert, you will enjoy exploring Dubrovnik’s medieval streets as you visit some of its best wine spots. Overview of Croatian wines in a variety of styles will be accompanied by well paired food bites. You will learn about the immense diversity of local wine and wine making and wine tasting itself. This activity is suitable both for wine beginners as well as seasoned enthusiasts.

Tour duration

3 hrs

Number of people

2 – 8 


€105 per person



(18:00) 19:00

19:00 – 21:30

(20:30) 21:30


Meeting at Kawa Shop, across the street from Ploce Gate

Wine tasting around the historical centre

Tour ends



English speaking local certified sommelier, wine tasting at 2-3 spots, accompanying food bites, tasting of 6 or more Croatian wines from various regions.


Alcohol consumption is essential for the tour, so this activity is not recommended to those who don’t consumer alcohol or are not of the legal drinking age (18 years old), there is some food included so PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU SUFFER FROM ANY ALLERGIES OR INTOLERANCES IN ADVANCE.


Lightly active: walking tour, weather exposure for parts of the tour, one or two staircases to negotiate.


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