Insider Holidays is a company started by a couple of young professionals as an attempt to provide an alternative to the standard offer of excursions and activities in wider Dubrovnik area. We exist to introduce what's under the surface of this destination to travelers who are looking for a more intimate experience of visiting and enjoying Dubrovnik. We believe in quality, integrity, and respect.


Meet the team


Bozidar Jukic

Owner, Founder, Manager, Sommelier Guide, Creator of Programs and Dreamer of Dreams

Celebrating his 13th year in Dubrovnik's tourism and hospitality sector, Bozidar is always in search for the new and exciting. He is the main organiser and spokeperson for the company. Licensed local guide, avid traveller, writer, and a weekend biker, his business philosophy is oriented towards providing quality, regardless of the type of service.


Ana Bitanga Jukic

Owner, Founder, Sommelier Guide, Number Cruncher, Good Karma Generator

Wonderful communicator with great attention to details, Ana's long experience running restaurants left her with great kowledge of local food and wine culture. Her optimism is contagious and her determination to invest a bit of self in every job she does - inspirational. Ana is the type of person who draws people in for the long life and business alike


Tena Frcek Hajster

Reservations & Operations Manager, Coordinator, Positive Vibes Creator, Unicorn Trainer

Tena Frcek Hajster holds a BA in Hospitality Management from Dubrovnik chapter of Rochester Institute of Technology, specialising in Service Management. She brings unrivaled positivity and can-do attitude to all she does. Great visual communicator, serious marketing creative and a real energy bomb, Tena is a joy to work with.


We utilise our own experience of what it is to be local in Dubrovnik and what are truly the best things about being here. At the same time, we have been listening to our guests for year and learning about what they want out of their dream holiday. We aim to not just provide what our guests want, but to uncover things about Dubrovnik area they never knew existed.


Because this area is steeped in turbulent history, blessed by incredible natural beauty, home to excellent wine and mouth-watering food, kept wonderful by friendly people that live here, and it would be a shame not to share all this with the World. Dubrovnik deserves it.


We are all dedicated locals, but we also work with people which are not only great at what they do, but are also people we hold dear and want to promote. Most venues we go to, drivers and guides we use, winemakers we present, and restaurants we utilise are our friends, not just partners.